Practical information


Dear mountain enthusiasts,

Welcome to the Haute-Garonne Montagne Insurance page. Our priority is to ensure that every mountain adventure is a memorable, but also safe, experience.

Whether you’re a veteran of snowy peaks or an intrepid beginner, you’ll understand the importance of foresight in the mountains. That’s why we’re proud to offer you insurance designed specifically to meet your needs as you explore the majestic peaks and deep valleys of Haute-Garonne.

Our team of insurance experts has worked tirelessly to develop solutions that give you the security you need, while allowing you to focus on what matters: savoring every moment in the mountains.

On this page, you’ll discover a range of insurance options, all designed to suit your style of adventure. We cover everything from winter sports to summer hikes, from fresh snow to mountain trails.

Be safe, be prepared, and make the most of the mountain.

The Haute-Garonne Montagne Insurance team