Practical information

Act well during the holidays

Welcome to the “Our Commitments” page of the Haute-Garonne Montagne resorts. Here, we wish to share with you our vision and our concrete actions to preserve the natural beauty of the mountain while offering our visitors an exceptional experience.

We are deeply committed to the environment around us, which is why we have made strong commitments to sustainability, safety and quality of service.

Waste management

When I move around the estate, I am careful not to leave any trace of my passage. I carry my waste in my backpack to the dedicated selective sorting areas (Link…).

A mountain equipped with trash cans is nonsense, we cannot use motorized machinery to handle this for you. We are therefore counting on everyone’s common sense to transport their own waste, and possibly rethink the inside of their backpack by limiting their packaging.


To come, I choose the best solution to consume the minimum amount of energy, for example, I look at low-carbon solutions or public transport, or I connect to different carpooling communities.


For accommodation in Haute-Garonne Montagne: I opt for accommodation with good thermal insulation, I do not overheat my living space: 19° during the day, and at bedtime, I lower the temperature to sleep better.

Consume Local, towards a Global impact

Local products from the Pyrenees are made with passion, choosing them means supporting a job well done. Support life in the mountains, and more generally, a caring local economy.

I drink tap water to avoid plastic bottles. The water in the Pyrenees is excellent on tap, so I can move around with my bottle, so I can refill it wherever I want.

For Clothing and Equipment: I dress “sustainably” by choosing “eco”, bio-sourced purchases or by opting for second-hand purchases.

I equip myself “responsibly”, by choosing to rent rather than purchase equipment, it is a collective solution to limit my environmental impact.

Get informed

I am consulting the roadmap adopted by all stakeholders in French Ski Areas to achieve zero emissions by 2037.

Live Updates


Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Luchon-Superbagnères Web Ticketing
PROMO Saison (Mourtis et Bourg d'Oueil inclus) Jusqu'au 06/12 - Nominatif 460€ 575€
1 Jour 32€ 34€
3 heures 27,50€ 28,50€
2 jours Non consécutifs 61€ 65€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 183€ 195€
1 Jour Petit domaine Secteurs Techous & Lac 29.50€ 31.50€
1 aller/retour piéton télécabine 10€ 12€
6 allers/retours piéton télécabine Non consécutifs 58€ 70€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs de Luchon-Superbagnères

Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Le Mourtis Web Ticketing
Pré-vente Saison Valable uniquement jusqu'au 6 déc 23 300€
1 jour 27€ 28.5€
3 heures 23€ 24.50€
2 jours Non consécutifs 51.50€ 54.50€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 153.50€ 163.50€
1 Jour Petit domaine Téléskis du front de neige 25€ 26.50€
Fil neige Artigue 10€ 10€
Promo Saison 3 Stations Nominatif 460€ 575€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs du Mourtis

Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Bourg d'Oueil Web Ticketing
1 jour 10€ 12€
2 jours Non consécutifs 20€ 24€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 60€ 72€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs de Bourg d'Oueil