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We actively promote sustainable tourism to protect the natural environment of our ski resorts. Here are our commitments. To reduce our ecological footprint and raise awareness among our visitors about the preservation of this natural heritage. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of our mountain wonders and inspire a deep respect for nature.

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Crop Snow

Our thoughtful and sustainable approach to artificial snow and the use of snow guns results in well-defined objectives that limit the withdrawal of water and energy, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding nature. Our thoughtful and sustainable approach to artificial snow and the use of snow guns results in well-defined objectives that limit water and energy consumption, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding nature. We use water reservoirs well known to lovers of the Pyrenees such as Lake OÔ. Snow guns are activated selectively and according to actual needs, taking into account weather conditions, visitor levels and the state of the snowpack. This careful planning allows the mountain to quickly return to its natural state after the winter season, without delaying spring flowering and without disrupting the local ecosystem.



The Luchon-Superbagnères ski resort collaborates with state services (ONF, OFB, etc.) and local associations dedicated to the preservation of nature to guarantee the flourishing of the majestic Capercaillie, or Coq de Bruyères, in dedicated areas of its ski area. Educational panels raise awareness among skiers, walkers and mountain bikers so as not to disturb this vulnerable species during winter and summer (breeding period). Add to this approach that the station plants species of endemic trees and grasses, crucial elements of the Capercaillie ecosystem, thus ensuring a tangible commitment to the preservation of this icon of the Pyrenees.

Bird protection

Haute-Garonne Montagne deploys innovative devices dedicated to bird protection at its 3 resorts: Luchon-Superbagnères, Le Mourtis and Bourg d’Oueil to eliminate the risk of collision with overhead cables and prevent any potential incidents. These systems are designed to ensure the safety of birds, whether migratory birds such as cranes, wild geese or storks, and endemic species such as vultures, bearded vultures or kites. For harmonious coexistence between human activities and local birdlife.

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Haute-Garonne Montagne works in close collaboration with local breeders to offer welcoming and safe pastures. Herds of cows and sheep, accompanied by their cowherds and shepherds, continue to shape the mountain landscape as their ancestors have done for generations. In addition, the direct sale of exceptional products from these pastures is a tangible reality, reinforcing our commitment to the preservation of the traditions and authentic quality of the Pyrenees.

Dismantling of obsolete installations

Haute-Garonne Montagne undertakes to dismantle obsolete installations that are not essential to the smooth running of its activities within its ski resorts. To maintain a measured human presence in the heart of this essential mountain environment.


A dynamic local economy

By choosing our ski resorts, you support the local economy. Our ski resorts are lively places to live, where you can discover the richness of our culture, taste tasty local cuisine and enjoy the warm welcome of the locals. Book your stay in the Pyrenees now and prepare to experience unforgettable moments in the mountains. Explore our site to find detailed information on ski areas, activities, accommodation and much more.

Join us in the Pyrenees and discover the magic of the mountains at Haute-Garonne Montagne.

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