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Starting to ski: An adventure for all ages!

New to skiing? Discover skiing in perfectly adapted resorts. here’s Our best advice for learning!

Are you a beginner skier who wants to learn to ski in resorts perfectly suited to your level? Are you planning to explore the slopes in the Pyrenees and would like some expert advice on how to make the most of your stay? We’re here to guide you and give you all the recommendations you need to make your skiing experience a safe and unforgettable one. Whether you’re looking to master the basics of skiing or find the best spots for beginners, follow our advice to make the most of your winter adventure in the Pyrenees.


At the beginning, there is a lot of apprehension… but after two slides, you already feel more at ease!

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Remember that a good day of skiing starts with a good breakfast and good physical preparation.

good advice

Here is an article on the best practices to adopt.


How to choose the right slopes according to your level?

Whether you are an absolute novice or an experienced skier, the resorts of Superbagnères, Le Mourtis and Bourg d’Oueil offer a variety of ski slopes suitable for all levels. Beginners can get to grips with the basics on gentle slopes, while more advanced skiers can take on the challenge of more technical runs. On-site signage, as well as information available in the app or online, will help you choose the slopes that best suit your skiing skill level.

🟩 The Green Run: Ideal for your first hours on the boards, these are gentle, secure slopes. First step on skis!!

Video skizz :

🟦The Blue Run: This is the intermediate run, mostly on our areas, it is designed to allow you to progress in complete safety. So that the pleasure of skiing is optimal in the heart of the Pyrenees!!

🟥the Red slope: For experienced skiers wanting a more sporty Pyrenean ski experience.

⬛️The Black slope: More exclusive, it offers significant elevation changes. It is reserved for demanding skiers. Committed skiing!!


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A range of ski passes specially designed for beginners:

The 3 stations offer a secure and immersive experience in idyllic settings.

  • In Superbagnères, the small area pass at €29.50 (online) constitutes a perfect introduction to the world of skiing. It offers a space specially dedicated to beginner skiers, allowing them to take their first slides in complete peace of mind. As soon as you exit the cable car, you fall under the spell of this space offering a 360° panorama of the Maladeta massif, the beauty of the Pyrenees.
  • At Mourtis, two options adapt to your level of experience. The €10 Snow Line pass is ideal for little skiers, offering access to specially equipped areas. For those who progress a little further, the Petit Domaine package at €25 (online) offers a variety of accessible slopes, allowing gradual progression.
  • At Bourg d’Oueil, the entire resort is designed for beginners. The passes, at a low price of €10 per day, allow you to take full advantage of the entire area reserved for new skiers. It’s the perfect place to learn the basics of skiing in a welcoming environment.

With friends, or alone, these adapted options will allow you to discover the joys of skiing with complete confidence in the Pyrenees.


How to choose the right equipment?

Before hitting the slopes on skis, it is essential to make the right choice in terms of equipment. Well-fitting skis and boots, as well as clothing appropriate to the weather conditions, are essential to ensure a pleasant experience on the ski slopes.

Rent your equipment:

Each Haute-Garonne Montagne resort offers a variety of possibilities in terms of equipment rental. Whether you want to rent for a week, a day or à la carte, our equipment rental partners are there to advise you based on your skill level and preferences, ensuring a ski experience tailored to your needs.

Buy your equipment:

In addition to equipment rental services, our resorts are distinguished by the presence of sports stores, offering an impressive range of brands and references to meet all the needs of ski enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for new skis, the latest boots, technical accessories or specialized clothing, these stores are paradises for winter sports enthusiasts.

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Who should I contact to take advantage of a ski lesson?

Qualified Ski School Instructors, for your safety and the pleasure of skiing!

For an optimal learning experience, it is strongly recommended to use the services of ski school instructors. These qualified professionals are not only expert in teaching, but they also know the local slopes inside and out.

Personalized lessons ensure rapid and safe skiing progress, while providing valuable advice to improve your technique.

Superbagneres - vue plateau skieur

Where to find the best online resources?

To complete your experience on the slopes, numerous online resources are available. Tutorial videos provide visual guidance on skiing techniques, while blogs and forums offer practical tips shared by other winter sports enthusiasts.





Which resort to choose to discover skiing?

Luchon-Superbagnères, Le Mourtis, and Bourg d’Oueil are resorts which stand out for their diversity of slopes, their accessibility, and their friendly atmosphere.

Luchon-Superbagnères offers breathtaking panoramas, with a secure beginner area, away from the slopes reserved for experienced skiers: Small area rate €29.50/day

Le Mourtis is characterized by its well-maintained slopes ideal for beginners, with its gentle slopes and its equally gentle packages: Fil neige Artigue 10€/day, Petit domaine 25€/day

And Bourg d’Oueil offers a more peaceful experience in a picturesque and completely atypical setting: €10/day



In conclusion, Haute-Garonne Montagne offers an unforgettable ski adventure.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the resorts of Luchon-Superbagnères, Le Mourtis, and Bourg d’Oueil will seduce you with their respective charms.

Get ready to hit the slopes and experience magical moments in the heart of the Pyrenees.

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