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Bourg d’Oueil

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Immerse yourself in an exceptional winter experience where natural beauty meets the authenticity of mountain traditions. Our resort is much more than a place to ski, it is an invitation to explore, recharge your batteries and create unforgettable memories in harmony with nature. It’s an unusual destination par excellence, a timeless experience…


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  • 0 piste verte
  • 0> pistes bleues
  • 0 red slopes
  • 0 piste noire
  • Beginner area
  • Tobogganing area
  • Espace Luge
  • On-site catering

New for 2023: All our packages are undated and non-nominative

Prices Tous nos tarifs Web Ticketing
1 day Flexible 10€ 12€
2 days non-consecutive 20€ 24€
6d + 1d offered - consecutive 60€ 72€
Insurance 1 day 3.50€ 3.50€

Why choose Bourg d’Oueil?

  1. Pure Authenticity: Bourg d’Oueil offers you a unique experience far from the crowds, where you will discover breathtaking panoramas, picturesque villages and a warm atmosphere.
  2. Trails for beginners and lovers of preserved areas: Whether you are a beginner or a lover of the Pyrenees, our slopes are made for you! Enjoy the pleasure of skiing in a preserved and unusual setting.
  3. A Preserved Environment: The Bourg d’Oueil micro-ski resort aims to be an authentic experience of virtuous development. Take responsibility for what exists, think sustainably about the future!
    So that your stay respects the natural beauty of the mountains.
  4. Gourmet mountain cuisine: Taste authentic local cuisine in the best restaurants in the area, and discover the flavors of the region that will awaken your taste buds and your curiosity.
  5. Unique Experiences: Take part in snowshoe hikes, ski touring… explore the trails of the Vallée d’Oueil for a complete mountain experience.

Book Your Winter Experience Now

Whether you are looking for mountain adventures, moments of relaxation or cultural discoveries, the Bourg d’Oueil ski resort promises you an extraordinary escape. Book today and join us for a stay that will connect you to the magic of the mountains like never before.


Station de Bourg d'Oueil

31110 Bourg-d'Oueil

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05 61 79 97 00

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Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Luchon-Superbagnères Web Ticketing
PROMO Saison (Mourtis et Bourg d'Oueil inclus) Jusqu'au 06/12 - Nominatif 460€ 575€
1 Jour 32€ 34€
3 heures 27,50€ 28,50€
2 jours Non consécutifs 61€ 65€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 183€ 195€
1 Jour Petit domaine Secteurs Techous & Lac 29.50€ 31.50€
1 aller/retour piéton télécabine 10€ 12€
6 allers/retours piéton télécabine Non consécutifs 58€ 70€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs de Luchon-Superbagnères

Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Le Mourtis Web Ticketing
Pré-vente Saison Valable uniquement jusqu'au 6 déc 23 300€
1 jour 27€ 28.5€
3 heures 23€ 24.50€
2 jours Non consécutifs 51.50€ 54.50€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 153.50€ 163.50€
1 Jour Petit domaine Téléskis du front de neige 25€ 26.50€
Fil neige Artigue 10€ 10€
Promo Saison 3 Stations Nominatif 460€ 575€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs du Mourtis

Nouveauté 2023 : Tous nos forfaits sont non datés et non nominatifs

Bourg d'Oueil Web Ticketing
1 jour 10€ 12€
2 jours Non consécutifs 20€ 24€
6j + 1j offert Consécutifs 60€ 72€
Assurance 1j 3.50€ 3.50€
Tous les tarifs de Bourg d'Oueil